Siskiyou Recording Studio 

Siskiyou rough
Siskiyou rough 3
Siskiyou rough 2



This 650 SF Accessory structure was designed primarily as a Recording Studio, but was also configured with the possibility for a future ADU conversion in mind. The rigorous demands of soundproofing and acoustic performance of the interior added an extra layer of complexity to the design and construction. Since sound transmission closely follows heat transmission the building includes many advanced energy performance attributes and should require very little energy use for heating and cooling.  

The interior is divided into a large live room built to very specific proportions including 11' ceilings dictated by acoustic performance, a control room facing the street (which could become the bedroom) features a floating bay window, and a full bathroom allows for use as guest house when desired. One of the primary challenges was achieving the required ceiling height while still creating a neighborhood-scaled and contextual structure in this highly visible location in Portland's traditional Beaumont Neighborhood. We feel we have achieved this goal with large overhangs with enclosed soffits, slab-on-grade construction and careful design of proportion and openings. 

Contractor: Akos Construction