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Asmund and Jenny designed our own Accessory Dwelling Unit early in 2017. Asmund worked through the summer building it. It is currently available for rent on Airbnb. The 330 sf single story ADU is small but feels much larger with partially vaulted ceilings, tall windows and door, and south facing windows. It is a one bedroom with a compact, kitchen. Situated in the NW corner of a standard 50'x100' Portland lot, the building is sited to provide privacy between the main house and the ADU and maintain plenty of open space for both houses. 

The small cottage features hydronically heated, polished concrete floors, exposed wood framing, and vertical grain Douglas Fir trim and doors. The space is designed to allow cross-ventilation for efficient nightime cooling of the concrete slab in the hotter months to moderate interior temperatures. The walls and roof are framed with advanced framing and filled with cellulose for maximum insulation value. 

Contractor: Asmund Tweto