North Plains Timber Frame

While working at Weitzer Company, Asmund was the  designer and construction project manager for this 3,200 sf timber framed home just outside of North Plains OR.  This home was built as as a replacement for the client's former home which burned down in late 2012 (fortunately the family was out of town during the fire). Having lived on the site for many years, the client had a very clear vision of their dream home. They wanted a timber framed farm house that looked southward over the landscape. 

The home is 2 stories plus a loft with 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The first floor is an open plan with a central staircase dividing the space into living room and dining room/kitchen. A wrap around porch provides plenty of South-facing protected outdoor space. The home is built around a timber frame by New Energy Works, a company specializing in Timber Framing. The exposed timber frame is complemented by exposed 2x6 Douglas Fir decking forming the 2nd floor ceiling and floor of the loft. An open staircase passes through the center of the home connecting all the levels visually.   

Contractor: Weitzer Co.

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